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"Other favourites included Emma Char as Cherubino... Her facial expressions and subtle nudging won the audience over as soon as she hit the stage." - #YQGrocks 2018


"We owe Ms. Char a great deal for the success of the production... It was a powerful, stomach-twisting performance." - Calgary Herald, July 2016


"In the title role, mezzo-soprano Emma Char, was every bit of the descriptions we hear of Lucretia at the beginning of the show. Delicate, pure, and lovely on stage... Her bright mezzo tone was never overdone and matched the delicateness of Britten's scoring in her music perfectly. Char has a beautiful sound." -, July 2016


"Char’s desperation when victimized is heart-wrenching. " - Toronto Concert Reviews , July 2016


"Mezzo Emma Char brought beautiful vulnerability to Lucretia..." Opera News, July 2016


Photo by Don Lee

Photo by Yves Renaud

"Après avoir incarné une très belle Mallika en septembre dernier, Emma Char domine la distribution en campant un Hänsel espiègle à souhait et dont la voix chaude et bien projetée fait merveille." - L'avant scène opéra March 2014

"Emma Char mezzo-soprano... a une voix... élaborée et riche..." (La Scena Musicale, March 2014)

“Emma Char was gorgeous, a buttery contrast to Luna’s coppery tone that gave fresh flavour to their famous duet.” Lev Bratischenko, Montreal Gazette, 2013


"Mezzo Emma Char has a high mezzo of fresh, focused tone and lovely stage presence.  She sang two "trouser arias" - "Voi che sapete" and "Parto, parto." She would make a very believable Cherubino and was a very enjoyable performance."- La Scena Musicale, November 2013


"Amahl and the Night Visitors also featured some fine singing and clever staging. All the voices were superb; ... Emma Char as his stern mother was both touching and firm, with a confident instrument at her disposal. " - Bachtrack April 2013 



Gelfand-Piper Photography

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